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Built with Twitter Bootstrap

Mixudo comes out of the box ready for Twitter Bootstrap styles and styling. Never heard of Twitter Bootstrap? It could change your life, by making modern sleek web design an absolute doddle.

Super Simple Styling - A Template

Mixudo uses Moustache to making theming extremely simple. Moustache works on variable replacement, i.e. if you build your styles in HTML, instead of hard coding a page title, instead you use Mixudo | Free, Fast and Powerful CMS Solution | Making Websites Easy which is replaced with the "site" variable when the page is rendered

Remembering Mixudo's History

While strictly speaking not Mixudo's first skin, internally and affectionally recognised as Mixudo's first REAL skin. Today Mixudo gets a facelift. We feel it's very important to remember where Mixudo came from...

Mixudo v2 Skin

Here's a sneak preview.